Steph wants two things at home after big Warriors games

Ayesha Steph Curry family

Steph Curry is having an incredible season, as he continues to do things we haven't really seen before.

The two-time NBA MVP last Thursday racked up 34 points and seven assists against the Oklahoma City Thunder before the fourth quarter began.

The next day, Curry's wife Ayesha was a guest on the "Ellen" show.

"It's been really cool to watch him break all these records and do it with such humility," Ayesha explained. "He comes home and it's like it never happened.

"He just wants some popcorn and some candy."

Steph's obsession with popcorn is well documented, so this is not surprising whatsoever.

And it makes perfect sense to want something sweet after eating some buttery popcorn.

Curry and the Warriors have a big game Monday night as they host the Utah Jazz, who boast the best record in the NBA.

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