DeMarcus Cousins is loud, passionate and knows how to pile up fines from the NBA for technical fouls. Fans may see that as a negative, but not Steph Curry. 

"In the right situation, he definitely can shine," Curry said Thursday on KNBR. "His presence in the locker room is going to be solid for sure. You appreciate a guy like that who has an extreme passion for the game. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and that's great.

"I think in the right situation that he's in right now with us will ultimately bring the best out of him and bring even greater things out of us. I'm excited about it."

Cousins racked up 10 technical fouls in only 48 games played last season with the Pelicans. Over his nine-year career, Cousins has totaled 118 techs and has been ejected 13 times. Clearly, that's no problem to Curry. 

What the Warriors' star point guard cares about is production on the court. And Cousins was a beast before tearing his Achilles tendon. The All-Star center averaged 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game. 

"Last year what he did on the court before he got hurt was unreal down in New Orleans," Curry said. 

Critics believe Cousins could hurt the Warriors' chemistry as they go for a three-peat. While this will be Cousins' first season with Golden State, he has suited up with several of the Warriors' stars for Team USA. 


"There is a familiarity for sure," Curry said. "I think five of us played with him on Team USA so we know what kind of guy he is, what buttons to push and what buttons not to push."