Steph Curry, wearing 'Giants' jersey, throws out first pitch in Japan

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Steph Curry, wearing 'Giants' jersey, throws out first pitch in Japan

Steph Curry has already turned around the Warriors. Maybe he can turn around the Giants.

Okay, maybe not.

But on Wednesday, Curry showed off his pitching arm while wrapping up his Under Armour #SC30AsiaTour in Japan. The Warriors superstar threw out the first pitch before the Yomiuri Giants game and delivered a perfect strike. Unlike the ceremonial first pitch in America, the Yomiuri Giants had a batter stand in the box and take a less-than-full swing at Curry's pitch.

Based on the footage, Curry might actually be able to give the Giants an inning. Hey, if a position player can do it, why not Steph?

Warriors Under Review: Boogie, Draymond, defense spark win over Clips


Warriors Under Review: Boogie, Draymond, defense spark win over Clips

LOS ANGELES – Boogie Night went well for the Warriors, exceedingly so for DeMarcus Cousins and just enough for his new teammates.

The Warriors went full junkyard dog in the second half, taking apart the Clippers in a 112-94 win Friday night at Staples Center.

It was the seventh straight victory for the Warriors, and also their NBA-best six in a row on the road.

Here are some of the positive and negatives taken from the game:



The glory of Cuz

The Warriors, players and coaches, had only an idea about how Cousins would fare in his first game. They thought he’d be OK as long as he didn’t try to do too much. Turns out, Boogie packed a lot of good in his 15 minutes: 14 points (5-of-11 shooting, 3-of-4 from deep, 1-of-2 from the line), six rebounds, three assists, one block and one steal. He was plus-21. Walking off the floor after fouling out, he had to realize he met some expectations and exceeded others.

He did a lot of reaching and got too impetuous at times, but in the context of a preseason game – that’s what it was for Cousins – he was outstanding.



Draymond stays sharp

Remember when Draymond Green was giving away the ball every third blink of an eye? He committed 25 turnovers in the first six games of the season, 13 in his first four games after missing 11 games with a toe injury. The undersize power forward has turned it around quite nicely. He had a team-high nine assists and one turnover against the Clips. This was after an extraordinary 14/1 ratio against New Orleans on Wednesday. Over his last six games, he had 60 turnovers and seven assists.

Green has settled down and cut back on passes that were high-risk or even reckless. His point forward skills are in a beautiful groove.



KD’s first half

If not for Kevin Durant, the Warriors would have gone into intermission with one turnover. They would have ended the game with a season-low five. KD, however, committed five in the first half. A couple went directly into the hands of the Clippers. He was playing as if anxious or desperate, perhaps trying to force things in hopes of benefitting Cousins. He came out in the second half, kept it simple and committed no turnovers. Durant finished with five, half of the team’s total for the game.

Though Durant’s passing has been a highlight all season, he sometimes gets too adventurous. He did in the first half, did not in the second. He figured it out.



Second-half lockup

After sauntering through most of the first half, giving up 20 points to Tobias Harris and allowing the Clippers to be within a point (52-51), the Warriors after halftime went into lockup mode. Harris scored 8 points in the second half, all on free throws. He was 0-of-8 from the field. LA shot 33.3 percent over the final 24 minutes, with Green and Cousins being especially effective.

The Warriors can take over most games with a few minutes of stifling defense. Holding LA to one field goal in the first five minutes of the second half qualifies.



Curry’s triple trouble

A pattern is emerging within the 3-point shooting of Stephen Curry. Every fourth of fifth game, his shot becomes fallible. This was such a night. He was 3-of-11 (27.3 percent) from beyond the arc. He was not alone in this regard; the Warriors were 9-of-37 (24.3 percent) from deep. But this was the fifth time in 23 games since Curry returned to the lineup on Dec. 1 that he shot less than 30 percent from deep.

When Curry misses three of every four triples he takes, it stands out. Truth is, most NBA players would pray to have an “off” shooting night every fifth game.

With DeMarcus Cousins back, GM Bob Myers updates Warriors' open roster spot

With DeMarcus Cousins back, GM Bob Myers updates Warriors' open roster spot

DeMarcus Cousins made his season debut on Friday night and that's all anybody is talking about.

The hyperfocus is very understandable, because his return was always going to be the most highly anticipated moment of the regular season.

Now that Cousins is officially in the mix, the Warriors' front office can finally evaluate his progress and zero in on what to do with the 15th and final open roster spot.

Will they automatically add a center as an insurance policy for Boogie?

"This gives us a window here prior to the deadline that will inform us in that direction. If DeMarcus comes back and looks great and looks healthy -- and a great wing is available via trade or a great wing is available via buyout -- sure we would look at that," general manager Bob Myers said on 95.7 The Game on Friday afternoon. "We'll factor in all we know in two weeks or three weeks when making that decision.

"But right now, the truth is we lost a center. We're getting one now but we always planned on getting DeMarcus. So we have a little bit of a void there, but you never know. If something happens in the next two weeks that leads us to believe we're short on wing depth -- hopefully not, knock on wood -- somebody sprains their ankle and is out 2-3 weeks, that may push in a different direction."

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Damian Jones is out for the year after sustaining a torn pectoral, and he was the big man that could consistently catch lobs. As of now, the Warriors don't really have a true vertical threat who can set screens, roll to the rim and force defenses to stay attached. In a perfect world, Myers would be able to add somebody with this skillset, but those guys aren't exactly growing on trees. 

The Warriors have intentionally kept a roster spot open all season so they can have the flexibility to strike if somebody they really like becomes available. The trade deadline is Feb. 7, but if they aren't able to make a deal, they could always look to the buyout market or take a flyer on somebody in the G League.

"Happy that DeMarcus is coming back now so it gives us a chance to evaluate that better," Myers added. "Speculating on the trade market and buyout market -- you always go in with certain thoughts and inevitably it goes in a different direction. So, we'll see what's possible and we'll go from there."

The fact that Cousins is on the Warriors should be the perfect reminder that you never know what's going to happen...

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller