Duncan Robinson gushes over Steph, supports bid for MVP

Steph Curry celebrating

Steph Curry has made fans out of a lot of people throughout his 12-year NBA career. The Warriors star has found himself back in the MVP conversation during a historic bounce-back campaign in 2021.

Curry's streak of 30 points or more in 11 straight games came to an end Wednesday night in a 118-114 loss to the Washington Wizards. The Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson spoke about Curry on his podcast "The Long Shot," where he put into perspective Curry's success from 3-point range during his streak. 

“You see the statistics that [Steph Curry] is putting up on a consistent basis, and it’s other-worldly," Robinson said. "I think over the last five games he’s averaging over nine threes per game. I had a stretch last year where I made 24-25 threes, and I legitimately felt like everything I threw up was going in. I felt like I was throwing the ball into the Atlantic Ocean, I would never miss. And this guy’s done it 10x, he’s [made nine threes] a game for five games straight. One time in my career I hit 10 threes, I think four of the last five games he’s done it. It’s sickening, it’s an absolute joke."

The Curry MVP debate is as lively as ever, with many believing that his performance this season has surpassed his unanimous MVP award that he won in 2016. Robinson believes that the two-time NBA MVP must be included in the conversation this year. 


"You look at his numbers, I believe at this point he’s surpassed his unanimous MVP season. Obviously that year they were the best team in the NBA as well, and this year they’re battling to get a play-in spot, and I don’t care. It’s incredible what he’s done, he needs to be in this MVP conversation, because when you watch him play basketball, he is one of the few players in the NBA where it’s very clear that nobody else can do what he’s doing.” 

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Curry serves as a role model to aspiring young basketball players everywhere, and even current NBA players. Robinson was asked if there was anything he could take away from watching Curry play. 

“Bits and pieces. There’s things that no player in the NBA can emulate what he does. Specifically, his ability to get shots off the dribble and at that range," Robinson said. "The way in which he does it, within possessions ... You look at how they structure things offensively, and it’s pretty clear that every single time down the floor, the main objective is to get Steph Curry a look. The thing that I am most able to [take away] is that I am not really able to relate to the handle, what he’s able to do with the ball in his hands.

"There’s definitely things that you can take away because he’s such an incredible basketball player and plays with such a [high basketball IQ], but there’s also things that he does that are just one-of-one behavior.” 

The MVP debate will carry on until the winner finally is named. For now, the NBA world will continue to marvel at the player that is Steph Curry.

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