Steph's numbers from left corner oddly well below NBA average

Steph Curry shooting

Warriors star Steph Curry can hit shots from just about everywhere on an NBA court.

Well, except the left corner. At least this season.

Per NBA.com's shot chart for Curry, he has only made three of the 20 3-point shots he has taken from the left corner in 33 games this season.

That means Curry is shooting just 15 percent from the left corner, while the league average from that part of the court this season is 40.6 percent.

From everywhere else beyond the 3-point arc, including the right corner, Curry is above the league average.

Oddly, in the right corner, Curry has made seven of his 13 shots, good for 53.8 percent. The league average from the right corner is 39.1 percent.

Overall, Curry is shooting 41.5 percent from 3-point range this season and leads the NBA with 162 3-pointers. Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is the next closest with 129 3-pointers.

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Opposing defenses have been throwing everything at Curry this season as they try to slow down the two-time NBA MVP. He's averaging 29.9 points per game this season, which is second-best in the NBA, so he's still finding ways to score despite seeing box-and-1 defenses as well as double- and triple-teams.

Maybe teams should just try to funnel Curry to the left corner every time, though it's probably a safe bet that Curry would solve this strategy and start hitting those left corner 3-pointers, so it's probably a bad idea.


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