Steph Curry's 31st birthday provides Warriors star a chance to reflect


Steph Curry's 31st birthday provides Warriors star a chance to reflect

Stephen Curry turns 31 today. With Year 30 behind him -- a “golden” birthday for No. 30 with big celebrations and media tie-ins -- I caught up with the Warriors star in Houston to hear his reflections on a special year.

The highlights of Year 30 included another NBA championship for the Warriors, accomplishing the feat in back-to back seasons. And his third child, a son named Canon, was born in July.

Here's our conversation:

Q: What was Year 30 like?

SC: Pretty legendary, in terms of how it started. A year ago, we had the amazing party my wife threw … myself, the team, the whole organization, family. It was cool energy entering my 30s.

On and off the court, it’s been some great things. Having a son, winning a championship. I just want to continue to evolve, even through the ups and downs of this year. It’s been enlightening for sure in terms of me being comfortable with who I am, and what I am. Just trying to grow in that.

When it comes to enlightenment and your comfort in your own skin, how have you grown as a man?

I wouldn’t say it was drastic. ... It was understanding who I am and being aware of the things around me. What I pour into myself. What I pay attention to. What moves me.

You start to really solidify the circle around you. The people who go on the journey with you ... that changes a lot over time. It’s been the peace among the chaos of what we do, the eyeballs on us as a team. The stress and pressures of playing at this level.

Do you feel the most solid you’ve ever felt as a person?

For sure. And I understand there’s always more room to grow. Getting challenged every single day. I try to protect my joy.

Protect your joy? What does that mean? Is it like casting off things that don’t enrich you?

It’s basically keeping the main things the main things. I like that saying because there’s so much that’s thrown at you that you can react to and get mad about, let it distract you. I try to stick to the stuff that makes me go, which is my faith, my family, my love to win.

And understand I’m not perfect by any stretch, so that’s the part that like ... you know that saying, “your s**t stinks too?” I’m confident in that. I’m not perfect.

What are the things you’re still hungry for?

I know that time is always ticking in the game of basketball. I want to win as much as I can for as long as I can, and do it with teammates that value it as much as I do.

At the end of the day, I never want to get to a place of complacency where the accomplishments we’ve had take the edge (away). That’s a constant battle.

Ayesha is turning 30 soon. When is her birthday?

The 23rd.

What is it like seeing 30 through [your wife’s] eyes? Because when I turned 30, that’s the first time I thought, "I’m an adult, I’m old."

It’s weird when you see someone you love turn 30 and you’ve known them since age 14 ... how she’s walking into this new stage of her life. I think she’s more on the “adult” part of what you just said. Everything has happened so fast in this last 10 years that we’ve been together in this environment. It’s about taking a second to self-check a little bit. She’s been pulled in so many different directions. We both have, in terms of what’s going on in our day-to-day lives.

One, we have to have a sense of appreciation, because it’s absolutely crazy to think about. And two, where do we go from here? Do you go into the motions of just letting things happen? Or do you take ownership of ... she calls it “protecting the peace.” It’s the same idea [as protecting the joy]. It’s eliminating as much of the chaos around you with the things that you can control. For her, that’s the goal. And it’s been cool to see.

Warriors takeaways: What we learned in 124-122 overtime loss to Knicks

Warriors takeaways: What we learned in 124-122 overtime loss to Knicks


SAN FRANCISCO -- In the battle of the worst teams in the NBA, the Warriors came up short.

In their latest effort -- a 124-122 overtime loss to the dysfunctional Knicks (5-20) at Chase Center -- the Warriors (5-21) were bullied from the start as New York built a 22-point first-half lead. 

For much of the season, Golden State's veteran core has been warned that these types of starts will not end in its favor, considering the Warriors' lack of talent. On Wednesday, the team didn't take heed to the message, losing their second straight game. 

Here are the takeaways.

Warriors get bullied early

Bad starts have been the norm for this iteration of the Warriors and Wednesday was no different. Through the first 24 minutes, the Knicks built an 18-point halftime lead as Julius Randle, Marcus Morris Sr., and rookie RJ Barrett scored 44 points combined through the first two quarters.

The Warriors responded after halftime, outscoring the Knicks 37-21 over a stretch in the second half and showed the effort they should have put forth at the beginning of the game. D'Angelo Russell sent the game into overtime with a late 3-pointer.

In previous years, with a star-studded roster, Golden State could afford such starts with Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson looming in the wings. Now, with a younger cast, these types of starts can't happen. 

Solid game from Draymond Green

In a season he's not expected to score, Green did just that Wednesday evening, finishing with 14 points in 34 minutes. 

Playing mostly point forward role, he grabbed 10 rebounds and dished out 12 assists, helping Russell and Glenn Robinson reach double figures. With three minutes left in regulation, Green found Russell for a 3-pointer to bring the Warriors within two points. On the next possession, he grabbed a rebound, found Russell again, leading to another score to tie the game. 

This year has been a trying one for the three-time champion as he's trading wins for lessons, putting his arms around the young roster. But as he showed, Wednesday, he's still got some game. 

Eric Paschall rookie wall?

Sure looks like it after his latest output. In 17 minutes, Paschall finished with just six points on 2-of-6 from the field. Entering Wednesday, he was one of the best rookies in the league. However, he's shooting just 39 percent from the field over his last three games as a hip injury is impeding his progress. 

In Wednesday's loss, he was battered, frequently grimacing, even after jamming his hand. 

No matter how good Paschall was at the start of the season, a rookie wall was inevitable. His response in the coming days will be vital.

Watch rehabbing Klay Thompson hit half-court shot at Chase Center

Watch rehabbing Klay Thompson hit half-court shot at Chase Center

Klay Thompson has yet to play a game at Chase Center, but on Wednesday night, he was seen shooting on the Warriors' new home court.

Prior to the Warriors' game against the Knicks, Thompson spent a few minutes shooting and even nailed a half-court shot.

A day earlier, the All-Star shooting guard was seen shooting after Warriors practice.

Thompson is rehabbing from surgery on his left ACL and is still months away from returning to game action.

With the Warriors mired in a 5-20 season, fans will take all the positive developments they can get.

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We'll be honest: It's good to see Klay's sweet stroke again.