Steph’s amazing mic-drop ‘night night’ moment at Warriors parade


The “night night” gesture already has reached legendary status.

Steph Curry made the sleeping pose a hallmark of the Warriors’ latest, and most unlikely, championship run after hitting clutch daggers throughout the playoffs.

Naturally, “night night” was an integral part of the Warriors championship parade in downtown San Francisco. Curry and head coach Steve Kerr posed together with the epic gesture before the festivities started.

Then when the celebration loosened, special NBC Sports Bay Area correspondent Mistah F.A.B chased down the greatest shooter of all time for an impromptu interview. The results were priceless.

That scream into the camera as the crowd chants “MVP” encapsulated the parade’s vibe. From there, it only gets better.

Mistah F.A.B. perfectly walks Curry off. “And the mic drops.” Nothing more needs to be said.

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