Steph's rigid brace caused more pain than actual ankle roll


When Steve Kerr saw Steph Curry limping around in Boston after twisting his ankle against the Celtics on Saturday night, the Warriors' coach assumed his point guard was going to miss at least one game. 

Curry has a deep history with ankle injuries, and the Warriors couldn't risk their star player -- who's averaging 39.9 points on 55.6 percent shooting (49.2 percent from three) in nine April games -- worsening an injury and missing even more time.

Turns out, Curry's background with ankle injuries is the reason he is available against the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday. 

"He explained to me that this has happened in the past. He wears his ankle braces and what happens is if he rolls his ankle like he did the other night, the brace protects his ankle, but then the brace, as it's protecting, kind of jams into his leg," Kerr said 90 minutes before tipoff. "So, when you saw him limping the other night at the end of the game, it wasn't his ankle. It was that spot on his leg where the brace jams in."

As Curry told Kerr, this has happened to him before.

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Not only can the Warriors breathe a sigh of relief because Curry will play against the 76ers, but also because there is no more pain in his ankle.

As Kerr said, Curry was limping because of the way his brace hit his leg, and that pain goes away quickly, Kerr explained. That is the reason why Curry's turnaround is so quick, the Warriors have no concern about a further injury and Curry is "feeling really good today."


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