Steph's college coach believes 'sky is limit' on longevity


How many years does Steph Curry have left? It's a question that's been asked a few times since he entered his early 30s. 

But, if last season and the start to this one have anything to say about it, it's that he's still in the midst of his prime. 

Curry's former college coach Bob McKillop surely thinks so. 

"He bounces around like a young kid," McKillop said ahead of the Warriors' game against the Bulls on Friday night. "I would never prejudge what Stephen Curry can do. The sky is the limit ... I don't know how long he can do it, but I wouldn't even venture to guess."

McKillop, who was at Chase Center for Curry and the Warriors the night before his Davidson Wildcats played their own game in the arena on Saturday, has watched Curry play a number of times since his days as his coach.

And each time, he's reminded of times that Curry flashed sneak peeks of who he would become.

"He had this mysterious innocence about him, but he was an assassin with the basketball," McKillop said. "I recall countless times where he'd be shooting a three-pointer and the guard was nowhere near defending him. I'd turn to the bench and say, 'Don't they know that's Steph Curry?' He answered that question so many times. And I see him do things now with the Warriors, and it doesn't surprise me."

Warriors coach Steve Kerr constantly echoes the same sentiment about Curry. He's never surprised by what he does. He never shakes his head at a ridiculous shot Steph takes. And he's learned to never count Curry out if he starts the night off slow. 


"As much as it doesn't surprise us, it energizes us," McKillop said on what he and Kerr feel when they watch Curry. "It validates, affirms everything we have known about him."

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But what impresses McKillop the most now, and gives him the confidence to say Curry still has a number of years in the league ahead of him, is that he's still playing some of his best basketball. It's what led Curry to finish third in the MVP race last season. 

"He approaches each day as a chance to get better and clearly has indicated that with his performance," McKillop said. "Fifty points, 33 years old. Fifty and 10 (assists), he's the first guy to do that at that age.

"He's got this youthful energy, inspiration about him that's extraordinary. He wakes up each day and he never assumes that it's a responsibility to get ready to play a game ... he looks at it as an opportunity."

Whenever it is time for Curry to hang up the signature Under Armour shoes, McKillop suggests a career in politics for the two-time MVP. 

"As crazy as that sounds, if you look at the way he’s led this organization, this city, this global community that NBA basketball is a part of, he’s been a leader out front in a very quiet, consistent, distinguished, graceful way," he said. "Isn’t that what we need leading our world?"

Curry has been extremely involved in his communities -- both in the Bay Area and in North Carolina. He's also not been afraid to weigh in on politics over the last few years. But would he ever consider running himself? Curry has not given any indication as such. 

But, the way McKillop sees it playing out, Curry still has some time to figure it all out. 

"He might still be in the NBA then," McKillop said, referring to the 2028 election when Curry will be 40 years old. "So, let's say 2032."

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