Wiseman more than OK with Steph comparing him to a puppy


In his first practice with the Warriors on Monday, rookie James Wiseman had plenty of energy. OK, maybe too much energy.

Steph Curry compared the No. 2 draft pick to “letting a puppy out the cage.”

Don’t worry, Wiseman was perfectly OK with the comparison.

“That analogy was really great because I was all over the place my first practice,” Wiseman told reporters Wednesday.

“I’m very eager,” Wiseman added. “The first game I was all over the place and Draymond [Green] and Steph had to tell me to ‘Calm down, rook,’ but [I'm] just bringing that energy to the team and just trying to learn as much as possible.”

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The eager approach will do Wiseman good. Steph said the 7-foot-1 Memphis product has an extremely high ceiling.

He’s also getting acquainted with Draymond’s yelling saying he appreciates the challenge of it all. He already was warned by Warriors general manager and president of basketball operations Bob Myers to get used to Draymond’s ways. But Draymond could bring a very unique and uplifting presence for Wiseman on the court.

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Coach Steve Kerr liked what he saw out of Wiseman, saying he had a really good first scrimmage. And while the potential is more than there, Wiseman and the rest of the team have a long way to go.


So far, however, it appears Wiseman comes as advertised.