Steph's favorite no-look 3-pointer in his career is hard to top

Warriors' Steph Curry runs down court

Steph Curry always will remember his first.

The first, in this case, is his original no-look 3-pointer.

Long before it was the Warriors star's signature move, and before he'd added two NBA MVPs and three NBA championships to his trophy case, he unveiled the move during his first playoff appearance.

Curry's still trying to top the original.

"The first one, for sure, [is his favorite no-look 3-pointer]," Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area's Kendra Andrews and Grant Liffmann on the latest Dubs Talk podcast episode. "And mostly because it was the [2013 NBA] playoffs and we were playing against [the Denver Nuggets] and I think it was the third quarter of Game 3, if I remember correctly. Possibly Game 4.

"But JaVale McGee was right there behind me, and I turned around and he was staring at me, and pissed off the whole time knowing that I made it. And I just ran back on the court, kind of nonchalantly, and then to fast-forward to him [becoming] my teammate and we win two championships together. That was kind of like a little full-circle moment."

It was Game 4, and the eye daggers McGee sent Curry could be seen from space.

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Curry added that "it's always a matter of who you do it on." He also particularly enjoyed hitting a no-look 3 in front of his brother, Seth, when he played for the Sacramento Kings during the 2015-16 season.


McGee was the first, but neither he -- nor the younger Curry -- will be the last.

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