Steph's fourth-quarter scoreless drought reaches three games

Steph shooting

When the third quarter of the Warriors' game against the Memphis Grizzlies ended Thursday night, Steph Curry had 36 points.

Curry, the two-time NBA scoring champion, was primed to finish with 40-plus points. Instead, he finished the Warriors' 104-101 overtime loss to the Grizzlies with ... 36 points.

Curry failed to score in 4:32 of action in the fourth quarter and he was shut out in the entire five-minute OT period.

It was the third straight game Curry has gone scoreless in the fourth quarter, the first time the two-time NBA MVP has played in three straight fourth quarters and not scored in any of them, per SportsRader.

Between the fourth quarter and overtime Thursday, Curry went 0-of-6 from the field. Per StatMuse, he's 0-for-11 in the fourth quarter and overtime over the last three games. The Warriors managed to beat the Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder in the first two, but couldn't pull out the win over the Grizzlies.

NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke asked Warriors coach Steve Kerr after the loss if teams are defending Curry differently or if fatigue has become an issue.

"Well, teams are all over him, for sure," Kerr said during his postgame press conference. "They're sending two [players] at him, they are trapping him, they are doing everything they can to slow him down. I think right now, he's working too hard for his shots. And that's what I mean when I say this is a different team from last year. Last year, I didn't think we had much choice, just the way our team was built. I think this year, we have more shooting, we have a little more playmaking. I think this team will learn to trust one another and I will learn to get them into comfortable sets where they can execute and we're all going to work on this together and get better."


Curry was asked by The Athletic's Marcus Thompson II to analyze his fourth-quarter performances and if he's pleased with the shots he's getting.

"Well, we won two of them, so I wasn't really worried about it at all," Curry said. "Tonight, there was the last two shots of regulation, obviously, the last one, the [potential] game-winner looked good. Those are two shots I'd take every day of the week. Overtime, I think I pressed a little bit, maybe settling a little bit especially when I didn't have it going from three and not getting into the paint, getting my floaters off or getting the ball moving. A little critical of myself on those last three shots, but with the way teams guard, I've got to be able to be a threat. I don't know how many field goals I got over the last three games. Didn't seem like a lot... "

At this point, Curry was told how many shots he has taken in the fourth quarter or overtime during the last three games.

"So a lot of that is just how teams are defending and we can get a lot of good shots and we were obviously turning those into wins," Curry continued. "Tonight it didn't, so obviously that's going to be something I look at in terms of how I can help down the stretch, but I'm not worried about that."

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Per NBA.com's in-game splits, Curry is averaging 13.8 points in the first quarter, 4.8 in the second, 8.8 in the third and 3.0 in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors, at 4-1, are off to a good start and expect to keep it going throughout the season. Curry is an elite scorer and will get things figured out, but early in the season, his inability to score late is startling.