Steph Curry's G League scrimmage details revealed by Santa Cruz broadcaster


Warriors superstar Steph Curry officially was assigned to the G League Monday morning so he could participate in a scrimmage with the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Kevin Danna -- the play-by-play voice of the Sea Dubs -- watched the two-time NBA MVP closely.

"He missed his first couple of shots as he was kind of getting his legs underneath him, but then he started going," Danna explained to Greg Papa and John Lund on KNBR 680. "And once he started hitting, he didn't go back to missing much.

"He was going up against (Jonathon) Simmons pretty much the last two quarters of scrimmages that they had. He also was guarded by Jeremy Pargo a little bit ... but when it came down to 'crunch time,' he was going up against Jonathon Simmons.

"There was one play where Simmons was 'on him on him' about 25-26 feet out -- right side of the floor -- Steph just rose up and drilled one in his face.

"There was another time where he had the ball on the left side of the floor and Santa Cruz head coach Kris Weems said, 'Set a screen for him.' Steph just shot the three from 27-28 feet, drills it. It was definitely fun to see."

Curry -- who underwent two surgeries to repair the broken bone in his left hand -- recently said he still is experiencing some nerve issues as he works his way back to game action.

"He threw -- on a dime -- a pass from the left wing to the opposite right corner to set up his guy for a three. He didn't shoot any lefty layups in the scrimmage. But there wasn't anything with that left hand that I noticed that was weaker than the right hand," Danna explained. "It looked like the same old Steph."

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So the three-time NBA champion arrived in Surf City with a motorcade, right?


Classic Steph.

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