Steph Curry's injury rehab made him 'better person,' Ayesha believes


When an athlete suffers a major injury that requires a lengthy rehab, they can take it hard.

A lot of time away from the sport they play for a living can send them into a depression, or alter their attitudes.

But for Steph Curry, he took the exact opposite approach when he broke his left hand against the Phoenix Suns on Oct. 31, the fourth game of the Warriors' season.

"I loved it, actually," Curry said during an Instagram Live with former NBA star Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union. "I mean, to be honest, it was weird. Coming into the season, I'm ready to go, like, prove all these people wrong who want to talk this being our rebuild year. And then in four games, it got taken away, so I had an opportunity to be depressed and be miserable and not want to be around anybody, even my family because basketball was taken away, or you lean into it and know that this story is only getting started in terms of what these next [few] years are going to be like."

Ayesha Curry, who saw Steph's rehab first-hand, added this.

"It's made you a better person," Ayesha said.

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"Yeah, it's given me a greater perspective on how amazing basketball is and how much fun I have playing the game," Steph said. "Even through the crazy grinds of the playoff series and championship runs and all that. I absolutely love it, so there's no question about that."


By all accounts, Steph is already a pretty good person, but if Ayesha says he's become an even better person, we'll take her word for it.

While all Warriors fans want Steph to be the best person he can be, they would probably prefer if he doesn't suffer anymore injuries that cause him to miss four months of a season.

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