Steph welcomes 'night night' gesture from players 'bold enough'


Steph Curry's famous "night night" celebration is fair game for any player to use against himself or the Warriors. 

That is if they are bold enough. 

Curry's signature move was made famous during the Warriors' 2021-22 NBA championship run after the sharpshooter put the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics to sleep after game-sealing shots. 

After the Warriors' championship run, the "night night" celebration exploded throughout the sports world, with soccer superstars such as Alex Morgan, Neymar and Ousmane Dembélé partaking in the celebration, in addition to hundreds, if not thousands of young athletes around the globe. 

In speaking to reporters after the Warriors' 128-123 loss to the Nuggets on Friday night at Chase Center, Curry was asked about the inevitable moment in which an opposing player will mimic his celebration in front of him, to which Curry would have no issues. 

"We'll see if anybody's bold enough to do it, but it's all fair game," Curry said. "I think [Chris Paul] shimmied on me back in the day, so if you give it out you got to be able to take it back."

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Curry does not have exclusive rights to the celebration itself. However, the Warriors' superstar trademarked the "night night" phrase over the summer.


Any opposing player is more than welcome to try and put Curry and the Warriors to sleep, but they better make that they don't celebrate too early. 

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