Steph's shooting from 30-plus feet this season is bonkers

Steph Curry yellow pointing

One of the reasons (there are many) why Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in the history of mankind is his ability to knock down 3-pointers from way beyond the arc.

Here are two examples from the Warriors' win over the Kings on Sunday night.

If you're looking for some data, here you are:

But that doesn't quite tell the whole story, as it gets even more unbelievable.

Steph went 16-for-45 (35.6 percent) on shots from 30 plus feet over his first 45 games this season, which means he is 14-for-20 (70 percent) over Golden State's last eight games.

That is bonkers, folks.

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Just cherish watching the 33-year-old every time he steps on the court, because:

"I've run out of ways to describe Steph's play," Steve Kerr told the media. "I don't know what else to say. The shotmaking is unbelievable and mind-boggling."

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