Steph's son Canon hits adorable 'night night' celly after win


Basketball isn't the only thing that runs in the Curry family, their iconic celebrations do as well.

Following the Warriors' 124-107 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday at Chase Center, Steph Curry shared an adorable celebratory moment with his son, Canon. 

After giving his father a fistbump, Canon did his father's famous "night night" celebration as the Warriors star walked to the locker room. Upon seeing his son do the "night night," Steph couldn't help but laugh as his son copied his celebration. 

Since debuting the celebration in the 2022 NBA Playoffs, the 34-year-old Curry has embraced the "night night," even welcoming other players to do it -- if they are bold enough to try

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Curry most recently did the "night night" after hitting an improbable dagger against the Houston Rockets to secure the Warriors' first road win. 

Should the younger Curry decide to bust out the "night night" again, Canon Curry can thank his father for showing him how it's done. 

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