TORONTO -- Steph Curry will miss tonight's game against the Raptors to get two more days of rehab for his groin injury. He'll return to action Saturday in Detroit.

Curry has a lot of love for Toronto, a place he lived from age 11 to 14 while his dad, Dell Curry, played three seasons with the Raptors from 1999 to 2002.

The Warriors practiced on a small Scotiabank Arena side court that Curry remembers well.

“There’s a lot of nostalgia for sure, especially being in this practice arena,” he said.

Curry looked around the court and said: “Me and my brother (Seth) would be in here during the first quarter playing HORSE or one-on-one or something. ... We’d go out during the second quarter on the concourse ... there's a PlayStation console set up. It’s the exact same one from 2002. Halftime or third quarter, we’d come back in here and get more shots up, and then we’d watch the fourth quarter.”

Curry continued: “This brings back a lot of memories, in terms of the staff and people who worked behind the scenes on the court. A lot of familiar faces that I look forward to seeing every year. My wife’s family is still here. All that plays into the emotions of coming back.”


Before practice started, a Warriors staff member grabbed a bag of popcorn from a concession stand to bring to Curry. He was munching on it as soon as he was done speaking to reporters.

I asked him if the popcorn tastes the same as he remembered as a kid.

“Oh, it’s phenomenal,” he said.