Steph's trainer explains why it's easy to keep him motivated

Steph Curry, Luka Doncic

If anyone can explain the brilliance that is Steph Curry, it's the guy who has trained him since he came into the league. 

Steph's personal trainer, Brandon Payne, joined "Warriors Pregame Live" to discuss Curry's incredible month of April, and his increased level of strength this season. 

Payne has put in a lot of work with Steph over the years, and his continued success has to be rewarding from a trainer's perspective. 

"Quite honestly, I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as I can, try to live in the moment and appreciate every game and understand that we may never see anything like this again," Payne said. "I’m telling my kids every day that ‘you’re never going to see anything like this again, so watch it and appreciate it while we can.’"

One noticeable difference with Steph this season, is the increased level of physicality and the added strength. 

"He’s actually being more physical as a ball-handler on the perimeter," Payne said. "He’s actually playing with leverage and that’s allowing him to get additional driving opportunities, and then when he gets into the lane, he’s now strong enough and explosive enough to create controllable contact and to put the defender where he wants to put them so he can finish the ball opposite of where the shot blockers are.


"You’re seeing a guy who defenses don’t really have many answers for because if you play him tight on the perimeter, then he’s going to get really physical with you out on the perimeter and he’s going to create driving opportunities for himself to finish at the basket."

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When you're working with somebody as talented and gifted as Curry, how can a trainer keep a superstar of that caliber motivated each and every day?

“Well, you have to get pretty creative because he’s such a special talent and I have to try and stay one, two, three steps ahead of him in order to challenge him. When you have somebody who is as motivated as he is, and is driven as he is and competitive as he is, we’ve never had one work out where I had to ask more from an effort standpoint."

"It’s not easy telling the greatest shooter that’s ever lived that it’s not good enough and we’ve gotta find ways to get better. It’s very helpful that he is as driven as he is and is as motivated as he is.”

Payne and Curry's partnership has lasted a long time, as the two have experienced plenty of success together. 

“Somebody told me that since [Dirk Nowitzki] is out of the league, he’s had his trainer for so long, they actually think that Steph and I are the longest-tenured trainer-player partnership in the league.”

Curry continues to torch the entire NBA as he vies for his third career MVP award. Whatever Curry and Payne are doing, it's clearly working very well.

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