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Steph to get new Warriors sidekick for lottery ceremony

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Facing a crossroads for the future of the franchise, the Warriors are putting their faith in fido.

As in a dog. Not a dawg, as one might describe Draymond Green’s on-court disposition, but a pooch of the four-legged variety. The dog will, however, have Stephen Curry as a teammate.

With the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery on Thursday and the Warriors in prime position to nab the No. 1 overall pick, that’s where they’re turning their covetous eyes. Asked Monday about possible superstitions, president/general manager Bob Myers mentioned the mutt.

“I don't know,” he began. “I mean, I delegated this process to my good friend (PR vice president) Raymond Ridder and (assistant general manager) Kirk Lacob. I kind of conveniently washed my hands of the specifics of the lottery.

“But there's a rumor there's going to be a dog in play.”

Bet on Lucky Larry, the youngest member of the household shared by Warriors CEO Joe Lacob and his wife, Nicole. Displaced three years ago when Hurricane Irma mangled Florida, Lucky Larry – full name Larry O’Brien, after the NBA Championship trophy – was adopted by the Lacobs.

The Warriors have not participated in the lottery since 2012, when they selected Harrison Barnes No. 7 overall, with Festus Ezeli later in the first round and Draymond taken early in the second round.

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We don’t know how well the pooch will perform representing the Warriors on Thursday, but it can’t hurt that Curry plans to be his master during the ceremony.


Yeah, it would be too much to invite Klay Thompson’s dog, Rocco. He serves only one master and would be awfully puzzled to sit with Klay’s brother-in-splash partner.