Steph had one request when asked to rep Warriors at lottery


Steph Curry represented the Warriors at the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery on Thursday night.

As we learned from ESPN's Zach Lowe on Friday morning, Golden State officials first asked owner Joe Lacob if he wanted the job, but Golden State's CEO declined because: "I don't do lotteries. I do championships."

So the organization pivoted.

"Stephen Curry was the next and obvious choice," Lowe writes. "He had one request, Golden State higher-ups said: Ask Klay first. Thompson apparently passed."

First and foremost, Lowe probably used the word "apparently" because it is entirely possible that Klay never responded to management. As we have heard over the years, it isn't easy tracking down the five-time All-Star during the offseason.


Additionally, it's unclear if the two-time NBA MVP made the request because he preferred to not handle the appearance, or if he simply wanted to give his fellow Splash Brother the opportunity.

We are going to assume the latter, which is awesome and just another example of why Steph is a special individual.

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Would the lottery -- which yielded the No. 2 overall pick to the Dubs -- have had different results if Klay had been the representative instead of Steph?


No. Can that be proven? No. Does it matter? No.

But this Steph-Klay anecdote makes for a great story.

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