Steph or Klay better shooter? Iguodala has hilarious answer

Steph Curry Andre Iguodala Klay Thompson

It's the age-old question from Warriors fans and beyond. Who's the better shooter: Steph Curry or Klay Thompson?

Andre Iguodala has the perfect answer. 

"In terms of shooting -- the only thing about Klay is he'll get bored," Iguodala said on the latest episode of "The Old Man & The Three." "Like in a shooting contest, he'll get bored. So people are like, 'Who's a better shooter: Steph or Klay?' It depends on if Klay wants to go play with his dog or not.

"That's just typical Klay."

Iguodala, JJ Redick and Tommy Alter couldn't help but laugh out loud at another classic Klay story. 

Iguodala played six seasons with the Warriors as Curry and Thompson's teammates, winning three championships. He has seen Curry break countless records when it comes to 3-pointers, and at the same time watching Thompson make the most 3s in a single game with 14 and score 60 points in just three quarters. 

They're the Splash Brothers (shout out Brian Witt) for a reason. 

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Fans can decide on their own who they believe is the better shooter. One thing isn't up for debate, though. 

Nothing can get in the way of Klay and Rocco's bond.

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