Steph weirdly left off NBA's playoff 3-point shooter graphic

Getty Images

Hey NBA, did you forget something? Or someone? His name starts with “Steph,” … ends in “Curry?”

OK, first yes -- congratulations to James Harden for moving up to 10th place on the list of all-time NBA 3-pointers made in the playoffs (with 286) after his Houston Rockets defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night.

Harden scored 21 points with nine assists, so NBA’s official Twitter account posted a graphic honoring Harden's achievement that consisted of just about everyone ... except Steph, who just happens to be No. 1 on the list with 470 makes. 

Since when did it become a thing to list things 2-11?

Steph's 470 makes are more impressive when you consider the fact that Harden has had more playoff games played (117) than Steph (112).

Maybe there wasn’t enough room to add Steph? Perhaps it would make Harden feel bad he had a bit of a climb to match with Steph? 

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Whatever it was, it feels a bit weird to leave the man who considered the best shooter to ever play the game and laps the field in playoff 3-pointers.

It’s just a few extra moments on Photoshop.