Stephen A. Smith wonders if Steph is best point guard ever


Magic Johnson is considered by the overwhelming majority of the basketball world as the greatest point guard in NBA history.

Steph Curry already is viewed by some as the second best to ever play the position.

But are we sure the Warriors' superstar isn't No. 1 at this point?

"When we talk about Magic Johnson -- he was bigger, he was stronger, he was more durable and there isn't a better passer in the history of basketball," Stephen A. Smith said Tuesday morning on ESPN's "First Take" show. "So when we think about the quintessential point guard -- and what a point guard is supposed to be -- we understand Magic Johnson is in a class of his own.

"But when we talk about basketball, can we really definitively say there's somebody we want at that position more than Steph Curry? If you think about his ability to shoot the ball -- forcing a defend to extend to guard him -- you combine that with his movement without the basketball and what kind of distraction that causes for opposing defenses ... 

"When you have a point guard that has that kind of range, ball-handling ability, basketball IQ and movement without the basketball -- I don't know if anyone can say that there is a point guard you would definitively prefer over Steph Curry."


Kendrick Perkins responded by saying: "It's hard to argue [with that]."

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The reality is that the sport is completely different now than it was during the 1980s, and Steph and Magic are different players entirely.

Yours truly believes it's silly to compare generations, and it's also premature to truly analyze the situation because Curry has several years left in his career. 

So all I will note is that when it comes to accolades, Magic -- five-time NBA champion, three-time MVP and three-time NBA Finals MVP -- has the better résumé at this point.

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