Kerr details 'epic' clipboard smash no one saw this season


If you've watched Steve Kerr coach over the last few seasons, you're likely no stranger to his clipboard escapades.

Yes, that's a reference to the many broken clipboards that have fallen by the hands of Kerr during his tenure as the Warriors head coach. 

The 2015-16 Coach of the Year joined NBC Sports analyst Grant Liffmann on the Dubs Talk podcast, where he opened up about keeping his sideline anger in check. He also revealed a not-so-surprising feat: Just two games in to the 2020-21 season, another clipboard had already bit the dust -- but television cameras missed it.

"People don't know, I already had an epic clipboard smash this year during the Milwaukee [Bucks] game when we were down like 95 points in the third quarter," Kerr laughed. "It was during a commercial break, I don't think it made it out."

The game in question is the Warriors' 138-99 blowout to the Bucks on Christmas Day, one of the poorest showings by Golden State so far this season. While the Warriors' weren't actually trailing by 95 points, (it was by 24) it sure felt like it.

So naturally, Kerr let his team know he was less than pleased. 

Kerr's various clipboard smashes have become a staple for the coach on the sideline, but he does try to limit himself. 

"I generally give myself three a year," Kerr explained. "One down, two to go."

Given the frequency Kerr goes through clipboards, it begs the question: What's his technique?


"I have the pen and the pen top is at the bottom of my hand," Kerr said. "The combination of the force and the hardness of the plastic, it does the trick."

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And while a magician is never supposed to share his tell, Kerr believes otherwise.

"I'm a giver," he said. "I want other people to release their vent and their anger and really get it out. It's really healing stuff."

While his players might not love his clipboard smashing, it sure does bring Kerr some much-needed relief. The good news for his squad is he got one out early, and they'll only have to endure two more this season. The not-so-good news is there's no telling when those will take place.

When they do happen however, at least we'll know how he does it. 

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