Kerr details Splash Bros trait that's 'highest compliment'

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson

When Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green decide to call it a career, they will be considered some of the greatest players in the history of the Warriors franchise, as well as probable Hall of Famers.

Their head coach, Steve Kerr, who coached the three stars through the dynastic years, already knows how he will describe them after their playing days are done.

"I think all three are savants," Kerr said on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast. "All three are geniuses within their own identities as basketball players."

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Instead of showering the three with deserving praise for their incredible skill, Kerr highlighted the other side of the game that makes them stand out above the rest: their mental game.

When it comes to Curry and Thompson in particular, they often are simply revered for their never-seen-before shooting abilities. Kerr, on other hand, wants to make it clear what separates them beyond their raw skills.

"When I say savants for those guys, it's not just in their ability to shoot the ball, it's in their mentality, with how they should the ball," Kerr said.

"There is like zero self-consciousness when it comes to Steph and Klay. Which is the highest compliment," Kerr explained. "It might not be a great compliment in real life, but you don't want self-consciousness in basketball. You want to be self-aware as a human being, but when you are shooting the ball and that is your job, the last thing you want to do is overthink anything. And these two guys are so skilled and so talented, and rarely if ever do they get into a mental rut. They are just able to lock in on the joy of the action of shooting the ball, and competing." 

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How Curry and Thompson express their joy on the court shows in different ways. While Curry often demonstrates a child-like enthusiasm and exuberance, Thompson has a more stoic yet confident demeanor. Their individual unique personalities could possibly mistake observers in understanding how competitive they truly are, as opposed to Green, who wears his passionate emotions on his sleeve. But to Kerr, all three stars are actually alike in the best way. 

"And that is the other thing that ties those three together, their level of competitive fire and fight is unbelievably high," Kerr said. 

"It's not that way with every player, but it's generally that way with almost all of the great players."