Kerr recalls chance to pitch at Dodger Stadium as a kid

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Steve Kerr has been an NBA champion both as a player and a coach, winning titles with the Chicago Bulls as Michael Jordan’s teammate and coaching Steph Curry and the Warriors to three NBA championships.

But as Kerr explained during an appearance on the “Legends of Sport” podcast, basketball wasn’t his only sport growing up in Southern California. Kerr also played high school baseball, and got the chance to pitch at an MLB ballpark, Dodger Stadium, on multiple occasions.

“My high school team played in the city finals back-to-back years,” Kerr explained. “We’re not going to talk about what happened when we got to the city championship, we’re just going to talk about getting there.”

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Kerr and his Palisades Charter High School team advanced to the city final in 1982, where they ran into Cleveland High School and future MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Bret Saberhagen, who threw the one and only no-hitter in the history of the championship. Nevertheless, Kerr emphasized his passion for the game, and discussed his controversial love for the Los Angeles Dodgers while working within their rival market.

“I grew up a Dodger fan, I’m still a Dodger fan, which I hesitate to admit up in the Bay Area,” Kerr continued. “It was especially tough early on, and then it was a little easier after we won a couple championships. It’s like OK, I’ve got a little rope now.”


Kerr has brought three NBA titles to the Bay Area, so those Warriors fans who also support the Giants likely can give Kerr a pass on rooting for the rival Dodgers.