Steve Kerr discusses Warriors' three options with high NBA Draft pick

Steve Kerr discusses Warriors' three options with high NBA Draft pick

Warriors coach Steve Kerr currently is with his family in the San Diego area, and is practicing social distancing.

As a result, he is spending a lot of time inside. And that is giving him an opportunity to check in on some of the players the Warriors might select in the 2020 NBA Draft.

"I watch probably two college games a day," Kerr said Wednesday on "The TK Show" podcast with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic. "A few hours in front of the TV watching some of the draft prospects and taking notes."

With the NBA season indefinitely suspended because of the coronavirus, nobody really knows what is going to happen with the NBA Draft Lottery and the NBA Draft.

The Warriors (15-50) have the worst record in the NBA by a four-game margin (the Cleveland Cavaliers are 19-46), and are in position to land a top-five pick. 

It's definitely possible that they end up with the No. 1 overall selection.

"We're excited about having a high pick and there definitely are some guys who are very talented," Kerr told Kawakami. "This, obviously, is [general manager Bob Myers'] world. We're gonna pick who Bob and the scouts feel like we should pick.

"But what we have to weigh is -- are we looking for a player who is gonna help immediately because we feel like we've got this window the next few years? Are we gonna use the pick in a trade to try to trade for a vet who is ready to help us win right away?

"Or do you look at it long term -- because you know you want to be good for the next decade -- and you take a young player with a lot of potential who's maybe not ready to help us win yet but you feel like could be a great player down the road?

"Those are all options and that's what we have to figure out as an organization."

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You've got to love and respect the transparency from Kerr. He isn't being deceptive and/or saying Golden State loves several prospects and is keeping the pick for sure.

What the Warriors ultimately do will depend on a number of factors, and everything has become more complicated in the wake of the public health crisis that is impacting the entire world.

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Mo Speights claims he almost beat Klay Thompson in shooting contest

Mo Speights claims he almost beat Klay Thompson in shooting contest

Marreese Speights instantly became a fan favorite during his tenure with the Warriors from 2013-16, bringing a strong scoring punch off the bench and inspiring energy inside Oracle Arena in a way that few in team history have.

Speights was known as a stretch four in the NBA, possessing a consistent mid-range and 3-point shot that forced defenses to extend.

However -- while Speights is by no means proficient enough from outside to be a Splash Brother -- the veteran almost took one of them down in a 3-point shootout.

“I almost got close to beating Klay one time,” Speights said on Warriors Outsiders. “Those guys is by far way on top of everybody.

“But after that, after those two guys, it’s free game after that.”

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Speights shot a solid .333 percent from three in his time with Golden State, but he always seemed to connect when it mattered most.

Perhaps once life returns to normal, we can get a rematch between these two beloved former teammates.

Warriors' Steve Kerr reveals 'most fun' part of coaching last-place team

Warriors' Steve Kerr reveals 'most fun' part of coaching last-place team

Prior to the coronavirus suspension, the 2019-20 Warriors were well on their way to securing the worst record in the NBA.

At 15-50, Golden State was nearly five games removed from the next-closest team in the Western Conference standings.

Nevertheless, coach Steve Kerr tries to reflect on the positives of such a dismal season.

“Well I think that’s probably been the most fun part of this season,” Kerr said on “Home Court” with Jordan Brenner and his son Eli. “Watching those guys, Ky [Bowman] and Eric [Paschall], Jordan Poole, Marquese Chriss and Damion Lee.

“To watch them progress and grow and learn, is really gratifying. So it’s helpful not only for their own careers but for our team.”

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An injury-riddled roster afforded many of these players extensive minutes, allowing several of them to secure longer-term contracts with the Warriors going forward.

Once Steph Curry and Klay Thompson can be 100 percent in their return to the lineup, the rapid development of these younger players could pay significant dividends for the Dubs.