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The Warriors currently have 13 players with guaranteed contracts, and one player (Damion Lee) signed to a two-way deal.

That means they have two roster spots available (although they plan to open the season with just 14 players) and one more two-way contract at their disposal.

"It's really something we just have to hash out," Warriors coach Steve Kerr told reporters after practice Tuesday. "Ultimately, the decision will be Bob's (Myers), with our input. And I imagine at some point later this week, a few of us will sit down and decide on the best course of action.

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"There are a lot of different scenarios with the two-way contract that we have available, and as well as a potential roster spot. So a lot of different things could happen. We're not sure how it's gonna go yet."

The assumption was that Patrick McCaw would re-sign and the only decision would be with the last two-way spot. Now, it appears the Warriors will move forward without McCaw and will need to sign a wing.

The in-house candidates are Danuel House and Alfonso McKinnie. And Kerr has been impressed with both guys.

"He's (McKinnie) been good," the coach said Tuesday. "He's very athletic and good size -- got the potential to be a very good defender. We've seen him make some shots. I think Alfonso has had a nice camp and so has Danuel (House). Danuel's had a good camp -- he's impressed us.


"I've said it many times the last week -- this group has been fantastic. Tyler (Ulis) comes in and changes games with his ball pressure and his speed. Marcus (Derrickson) gives us the pick-and-pop ability that maybe we don't normally have from that spot.

"A lot of good stuff, and we just gotta sort it out."

How important are the final two preseason games?

"I guess it's possible that somebody has a big breakout game, and that weighs heavily," Kerr answered. "But really, you take every day into account. It's not just the games. Every practice matters, too."

It's also possible that a player on a different team is released, and the Warriors swoop in to pick him up. Another option is to sign a veteran who's currently unemployed.

Things are fluid, so stay tuned ...

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