Kerr explains why Wiseman hasn't attempted any 3s lately

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James Wiseman has shown the ability to step out beyond the arc and knock down the 3-point shot.

But he only has taken one triple over the Warriors' last three games, and even that attempt was a rushed, contested airball just before the halftime buzzer sounded in the Warriors' win over the Toronto Raptors eight days ago.

He put up 12 and 13 shots last week against the Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets respectively, and none of the 25 looks were from 3-point range.

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"It's not really by design. I'm fine with him taking 3s. I want him taking 3s," Steve Kerr told the media Sunday. "We've just been trying to get him to focus on diving to the rim. When he dives, he takes the entire defense with him.

"We haven't yet made the connection on the lobs very often -- which we'd like to establish. But just by reinforcing the dives, maybe we've taken him off the 3-point a little bit.

"But I want him shooting 3s. And if he's open, he'll let it go."

The 19-year-old rookie went 6-for-14 from deep over the Warriors' first nine games, knocking down three 3s in Golden State's loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas Day.

Does he want to get back to shooting a couple per game?

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"I just want to get easy buckets. So whatever I can do to get easy buckets for my team to win, that's what I want to do," Wiseman said Sunday. "I just want to contribute and play my role, and follow coach's [plan].


"If it's to where I can be open, I most definitely will take that 3. But if not, then it's fine. I just want to do whatever I can for my team to win."

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