Kerr explains why Steph is a rare player both on, off court


Imagine being able to see Steph Curry up close and personal on a daily basis like Warriors coach Steve Kerr gets to.

Steph is a one-in-a … huge number … type of player. In addition to the extensive résumé, he’s unique in that he’s a regular dude who happens to be a superstar.

“We are so incredibly lucky to have Steph,” Kerr said on Tuesday during Day 2 of camp practice (h/t 95.7 The Game). “The guy that really makes things happen for us, but also is the face of the franchise. We’re incredibly blessed. Not just because of the type of player he is, but the type of human being.”

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Kerr said someone of Steph’s caliber is easy to connect with as a fan. The type of player who genuinely cares about the community and the rest of the team. There’s much more to him than two MVP awards, six All-Star selections and three NBA championships. 

“They want to see players really committed to everything and I think unfortunately these days, in the league, it seems like the Stephs of the world are dwindling a little bit,” Kerr added.

That’s true.

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Kerr has said it before, Steph’s a franchise-changer. He’s the guy you build not just a team around, but an entire organization. Even when he’s off the court, as he was last season with a broken hand, his presence in the locker room spills over into the community.


You won’t come across many like Steph -- in any sport.