Kerr explains why Warriors' loss was 'infuriating' to Steph

Steph, Warriors

Steph Curry is used to excellence. 

Three NBA titles, two NBA MVP awards and single-handedly changing the game of basketball will do that to you.

However, the Warriors' performance Thursday night against the Los Angeles Clippers was far from that standard, and Curry certainly let his emotions about it show. The seven-time NBA All-Star's frustration boiled over in the second half and television cameras picked up Curry yelling at his teammates on the bench.

Curry's frustration was justified as the Warriors stumbled out of the All-Star break into a blowout 130-104 loss. But the level of visible animation from the star was something unfamiliar to Warriors' fans. Coach Steve Kerr provided some insight as to why on "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky" on 95.7 The Game on Friday.

"You've gotta think about Steph and what he's done in his career over the last decade," Kerr said. "How many competitive environments he's been in, game after game. A game like that last night, where we are not competitive, is infuriating to someone like Steph.

"I think he was just frustrated because we were not competing. We had a few moments here and there, but on a consistent basis, we were not getting up defensively and putting pressure on the Clippers and executing, doing all of the things you have to do to win a game at this level. It was very frustrating for him and for the group."


While the Warriors' season has resembled a roller coaster, Kerr knows Thursday's outcome, which resulted in Golden State's fourth straight loss, stung a little more. Still, Kerr also knows his team this year has much to learn, and that's something Curry hasn't had to deal with much in the last few seasons. 

"It's all part of this season," Kerr said. "Trying to learn how to win, learn how to really lock in and beat a good team. We did not do that last night. That was the source of his frustration."

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Curry eluded to that as much Thursday in a postgame conference with reporters.

"Trying to be competitive spirit and leadership in all different type of ways, but we had an opportunity to set the tone for the second half of the season and obviously didn't do it," he said. "We've got to do something about that going into the next game."

Golden State will face a tough test in their next game Sunday when they take on the first-place Utah Jazz at Chase Center. They immediately will follow up by hosting the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday. If they can show signs of turning it around against either team, it will go a long way. 

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