Kerr gives funny answer about Warriors finally going on run


It took a while, but Steve Kerr finally spoke a Warriors run into existence.

"Well you guys laughed at me, I kept telling you over the last six weeks that we were gonna go on a run, so I had to get that in there Monte, sorry," Kerr quipped to a question from NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole. "We could feel our team improving and coming together a couple months back, and we knew that the schedule started to shift and favor us, we had some really difficult stretches, like everybody does every year.

"But we just felt like if we could hang in there, that these last 20 games would be a chance for us to make a real push. I'm happy that I was right, we've gotten on a good run, playing at a high level and the guys are having a lot of fun, so it's good stuff."

The Warriors ended the season on a 6-0 run, and won 15 of the team's last 20 games to earn the eighth seed. The Warriors will face either the Los Angeles Lakers or Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA play-in tournament with the chance to earn the seventh seed in the NBA playoffs on the line.

Finishing with a 39-33 record, the Warriors never won or lost more than four games in a row until the final six consecutive wins.

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Every game now has heightened importance, beginning with Wednesday night's play-in contest. If the Warriors were to lose that game, their playoff chances would come down to a do-or-die matchup with either the Memphis Grizzlies or San Antonio Spurs at Chase Center.


Kerr and the Warriors are on a tear, and will need to keep it going as the playoffs loom.

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