Transforming the game just isn't enough for Michael Jordan.

Despite Steph Curry's impressive credentials, which includes being the greatest shooter of all-time and a unanimous NBA MVP, Jordan recently said on NBC's "Today" that the Warriors star wasn't a Hall of Famer "yet." 

Now, of course, Jordan, literally speaking, is correct. The three-time NBA champion won't officially be enshrined in the Springfield, Mass., pantheon until he's been retired for four seasons. Of course, this is all semantics. Curry could play for another 10 years and they still might as well start making his bust now to have it ready. 

So, what was MJ thinking? Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who won three titles with Jordan in Chicago, offered his thoughts on 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto and Kolsky."

"Apparently, Michael has his own version of the Hall of Fame, I guess," Kerr said chuckling. "That's all I can think of ... Yeah, that was an interesting comment. I just saw it this morning, I didn't see the context I just read about it, but yeah, my feeling is Michael probably has his own qualifications.

"We all know Steph would go into the Hall of Fame right now if he were eligible. Michael has a different set of standards. I know he had a different set of standards for us as his teammates, and he probably has the same thing for his own personal Hall of Fame."


Having higher standards is probably a better explanation than the one Magic Johnson gave, but any Hall of Fame that wouldn't allow Curry, arguably a top 20 player in history in, really isn't a Hall of Fame at all.

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Perhaps Jordan thinks he's the only one who is truly HOF worthy. Or perhaps he was just jabbing his fellow North Carolinan.

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