Kerr has perfect response to critics during turbulent year

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is no stranger to criticism, but he knows that comes with the territory.

The Warriors head coach has taken heat from media and fans this season for not making the necessary offensive adjustments as the team has struggled to find a consistent offensive rhythm.

Kerr hears, reads and sees the critiques, but he's unbothered by them and is taking a level-headed view of his situation.

"Anything that's written is fair," Kerr told 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto and Kolsky" on Thursday. "It's just the gig. When we were doing great, I was an offensive genius. Now, we're struggling and I'm behind the times. So it's all part of it. The truth is always somewhere in between."

Kerr noted Thursday that he wants the Warriors to run more pick-and-rolls going forward.

"I definitely want to run more pick-and-roll, and we are doing more of it," Kerr said. "We don't exactly have the perfect blend of players to run a million pick-and-rolls, to be frank.

"We love having Draymond Green handling the ball quite a bit because he's really good as a point forward. And Steph [Curry] is great moving off the ball and that generates a lot of offense for us. And we're not a team with a high volume of 3-point shooters.

"So you have to factor all that stuff in. In my mind, it's finding the right balance. I do believe that more pick-and-roll -- it hasn't been consistent over the last couple weeks, but over several games, it's been very helpful."

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The Warriors currently sit at 24-27, two games up on the Kings for the 10th seed in the Western Conference.

Golden State has struggled of late, but the Warriors picked up a big win Tuesday by defeating the Giannis Antetokounmpo-less Milwaukee Bucks.

They'll try to keep the positive momentum going Friday night against the Washington Wizards.

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