Kerr shows love to Dub Nation, jokes about 'rigged' NBA

Warriors' Steve Kerr

NBA referees are easy targets for criticism.

Dub Nation might have a bone or two to pick after Saturday’s 134-132 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, but Warriors coach Steve Kerr wants to assure fans that the NBA doesn’t hold an agenda against his squad.

Warriors fans had reason to direct blame to the officials on Saturday, after the NBA admitted the refs missed a last-minute call that went Dallas’ way. The Mavericks also got away with an egregious lean-in foul from Luka Doncic and had a possible flagrant foul from Kristaps Porzingis waved off against Draymond Green.

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The Warriors have one of the NBA’s most passionate fan bases, so any bad calls that go against them will likely draw the furor of Dub Nation. That’s the power of 6.6 million Twitter followers on the team account.

But Kerr has always been level-headed and had the right sense of humor when addressing this issue and didn’t take the bait to bash officials. 

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