Kerr hasn't yet heard if Warriors-Hornets will be postponed

Warriors' Steve Kerr

As of Tuesday night, Warriors coach Steve Kerr hadn't heard anything to indicate the Warriors' upcoming games against the Charlotte Hornets would -- or wouldn't -- be postponed.

"That's gonna be a question for [Warriors general manager] Bob [Myers]," Kerr told reporters Tuesday in a video conference. "I haven't spoken with Bob yet today, but that's on my list to ask him if he'd heard anything. So I don't have anything to report."

The Warriors, as of this writing, are scheduled to play the Hornets on Saturday and again at Chase Center next Friday. Hours before Kerr addressed the media, the NBA postponed the Hornets' next two games -- one against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday and another against the Denver Nuggets this Friday -- due to the league's coronavirus health and safety protocols.

Four players on the San Antonio Spurs, the Hornets' last opponent, tested positive for COVID-19, and the league said Tuesday it is conducting contact tracing on both teams.

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The NBA has postponed 30 games this season due to its health and safety protocols, including one of the Warriors'. Golden State was set to play against the Phoenix Suns on Jan. 15, but the teams now will play on March 4 in each squad's last game of the "first half" of the NBA season.

The schedule for the second half of the season is yet to be announced. Back in November, the league said it would announce the second half of its schedule during "the latter part" of the first half.


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