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Draymond Green was called for charging over Patrick Beverley in the paint Wednesday early in the third quarter of the Warriors' Game 5 loss to the Clippers.

Green, who disagreed with the call, was assessed a technical by referee Marc Davis, and Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked Thursday about the ruling.

"I didn't think it was a good call," Kerr said. "You know Beverley is gonna flop in the paint, and Draymond turned -- it looked like Mike Tyson punched him in the face [Kerr smiles].

"And Beverley's good at that. His head literally snaps back. I worry he's gonna get whiplash on some of these flops [Kerr smiles again]. 

"But he's good at it. And the refs oftentimes are partial to the little guy who's down there."

This is the play we're specifically referencing:

Before Kerr poked fun at Beverley, he had high praise for the Clippers' two-time NBA All-Defensive selection.

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“He’s a competitor. That’s how he’s made his money in this league," Kerr told reporters. "That’s how he’s been able to stick around. He competes and makes you uncomfortable, and he scraps and goes after loose balls.

“I love that guy. He’s a hell of a competitor. He’s a hell of a player. Every coach would like to have a guy like him on their team.”

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