Kerr praises 'balanced' Steph for on-, off-court blessings


Steph Curry has it all, and he manages to do it all well, and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has, of course, noticed that.

While his on-court resume is stacked with three NBA championships, two MVP awards, six All-Star selections and countless endorsements, his off-court life is just as rich.

His wife Ayesha has supported him every step of the way, he has three beautiful children and keeps an even-keeled approach to it all as well.

“Yeah I mean, he’s such a balanced person -- so happy with everything he’s doing and so happy as a husband and a father,” Kerr told reporters on Thursday before the Warriors' win over the Orlando Magic. “You know, somebody who makes a big difference in his community with his charitable work. Steph’s got all his ducks in a row, and I think that matters.”

Did I forget to mention the charitable work? My bad.

For starters, during the beginning of the pandemic, Steph and Ayesha teamed up with Feeding America to support children who depend on two meals a day at school to eat. Public schools had been shut down, and the Curry family wanted to ensure no family or child went hungry due to it.

Even his latest shoes, the new Curry Flow 8’s, incorporated the Oakland community. He wants to refurbish Manzanita Court to develop a safe space for younger athletes to play basketball in the local area and encourage them to dream big. 


“I think that’s very helpful for him, in his performance,” Kerr added. “He comes in every day, just fresh and ready to go, excited about the challenge.”

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“So he’s in a great place and it’s something you can’t take for granted. And I think that’s something that he understands too. We’re all day-to-day as Vin Scully once said, and you just have to embrace your circumstances when things are lined up, and Steph does that.”

Kerr did say Steph’s “never played better” earlier in the week. 

Everything appears to be going his way. 

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