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The Warriors have played 22 games this season and Draymond Green has only been in uniform for 13 of them.

The 2017 Defensive Player of the Year has missed six straight contests and has already been ruled out of tonight's game in Toronto and Saturday's in Detroit. Based on what Steve Kerr told reporters on Wednesday night, it sounds like he will miss Monday's game in Atlanta, too.

When it comes to Draymond returning to game action: "I think the earliest would be later on in this trip," Kerr said. "He's not playing in the first couple games of the trip. He needs to get on the floor. I think he'll start doing that on Friday, where he can start to ramp up the court work.

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"Then, he'll need a few days from there, and at that point it'll sort of be day-to-day and we'll leave it up to Rick (Celebrini)."

It's a right big toe sprain that has kept Draymond out of action and something like that can linger if you don't fully take care of it. The three-time All-Star already returned once and then had to go back on the shelf, so you should expect the Warriors to be cautious.


And when you take into account how the Warriors are slow-playing Steph Curry's return, it wouldn't be a surprise if Draymond misses the final two games of the road trip -- Wednesday in Cleveland and Friday in Milwaukee.

Celebrini -- the Warriors' Director of Sports Medicine -- doesn't care that you are getting impatient.

"Rick's awesome. He's very practical, he knows his stuff, he's very matter-of-fact, doesn't have room for sentimentality (smiles)," Kerr told reporters. "He's most concerned about our athletes and their conditioning and their well-being. He does a phenomenal job."

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