Kerr reacts to Stevens' shocking move to Celtics' front office

Brad Stevens Danny Ainge

Early on Wednesday morning, news surfaced that Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens would step away from his job and replace Danny Ainge as the franchise's president of basketball operations.

It was a shocking development.

What does Steve Kerr think about the move?

"Brad and I are pretty close. We text throughout the season, and I'm a huge fan," Kerr told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami on The TK Show podcast. "I think he's a great coach. He didn't [mention anything to] me -- as you would expect. Something like that is a huge decision and you gotta keep things quiet.

"I was really shocked to hear the news. But sitting here thinking about it -- he's got school-aged kids, the last few years have been quite a grind, the bubble was tough on everybody last year.

"Looking at it from my own perspective -- there's a reason I didn't coach until my kids were all grown up. I didn't want to miss out on my family stuff, which is why I did broadcasting for all those years.

"I think it all adds up. This job is really taxing."

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Kerr hasn't been shy about praising Stevens over the years, and has joked about stealing some of his out-of-bounds plays.

The Warriors' head coach is going to miss competing against Stevens.

"I'm really disappointed though just because I think he's a phenomenal coach," Kerr added. "He's influenced a lot of us throughout the league."


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