Over the last couple of weeks, Warriors coach Steve Kerr -- who is in self-quarantine with his family in San Diego -- has been watching film on NBA draft prospects.

It's an extremely important draft for the Dubs, who almost certainly will end up with a top-five pick.

It's also a very important summer for Golden State as it pertains to free agency, and the franchise is taking things seriously.

"We just put our entire coaching staff on a project the last couple of days," Kerr said Thursday evening during a radio appearance on KNBR 680. "There are about 60 free agents out there on our list for this summer. And so we divided up all the free agents and we're having all of our assistant coaches put a scouting report together on, 'Why would free agent X be a good or a bad fit for the Warriors.'

"Every coach has four guys to watch. Everyone's got games on their computers, so it gives them a chance to watch games and focus in on one guy.

"It's interesting. You think you know players because you've seen them play for years. But until you really watch them -- and just only watch them during a game -- sometimes you miss a lot of stuff.


"So it's kind of fun to watch a game specifically with the attention of just focusing on one guy. And seeing really how intent he is on boxing out, or making the right pass, making the right cut -- that kind of stuff."

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The Warriors are expected to sign a veteran using the taxpayer mid-level exception -- which is slated to be worth around $6 million but probably will come in lower because of the loss in revenue as a result of the coronavirus shutdown.

They also have a $17.2 million trade exception from when Andre Iguodala was sent to the Memphis Grizzlies last July. So it's safe to assume the coaching staff is watching tape of players they might target with that as well.

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