When you go to five straight NBA Finals like the Warriors did from 2015 to 2019, you are going to create a lot of memories along the way.

And on a recent episode of Bill Simmons' "Book of Basketball 2.0" podcast, Golden State head coach Steve Kerr got nostalgic.

"If I look back at these last five years -- if I had to say what was my favorite game -- it would be Game 6 in Houston last year.

"Holy s--t. This defines our team. This game defines what our guys are about. We had a possession late in the game that sealed it basically. Remember, Steph and Draymond were running that side pick-and-roll over and over again and Steph was going nuts.

"The final dagger was -- Houston had adjusted, they double teamed Steph, he hits Draymond in the pocket, they come over to rotate to Draymond, he hits Andre along the baseline and Andre kicks it back to Klay for a 3-pointer.

"That play to me defines what our team has been about for the last five years. The ball movement, the spacing, the beautiful vision and awareness of Andre and Draymond, and the lethal play of Steph and Klay.

"Those were the guys who've been here the five years. Kevin took us over the top. Kevin joined the team and we went from a championship team to an all-time team. He just made us dominant and almost unbeatable.

"But if you look at the full five-year run -- and you talk about the secret (of basketball), the chemistry, however you want to describe it -- that game sort of defined our team in my mind. It was special."

Wow. You have goosebumps right now, right?

Here's the play Kerr is talking about:

The Warriors were playing without Kevin Durant -- who strained his calf late in the third quarter of Game 5 two days prior -- and people all across the basketball world declared the Warriors done.

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Most people thought Houston easily would win Game 6 at home and then take Game 7 at Oracle Arena.

But Klay Thompson scored 21 first-half points, Steph Curry racked up all 33 of his points in the second half and the Warriors ended the Rockets' season for the fourth time in five years.

Yes, Coach Kerr. It was special.


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