Steve Kerr reveals Warriors' issues went beyond Draymond Green-Kevin Durant

Steve Kerr reveals Warriors' issues went beyond Draymond Green-Kevin Durant

Former Warrior Kevin Durant recently admitted that his extremely public confrontation with Draymond Green on the night of Nov. 12, 2018 played a role in his departure from Golden State.

On a new episode of "The Book of Basketball 2.0," Warriors coach Steve Kerr didn't seem to disagree.

"This was two guys who were about ready to fight," Kerr recalled in an interview with Bill Simmons.

In a 121-116 overtime loss to the Clippers, the two Warriors players were caught on camera getting into a verbal altercation on Golden State's bench. Durant and Green had to be separated by teammates, and Green ultimately was suspended by the team for the next game for his role in the squabble.

"I think I addressed it, but we didn't ... there was so much raw emotion in the locker room, we weren't going to resolve anything that night, for sure," Kerr told Simmons. "And that was the beginning ... actually, it wasn't even the beginning. It was probably more a result of what we had started to feel late the season before, where the team was starting to drift a little bit. 

"We were losing some of that connection, and then it kind of continued into camp and the early part of the season. There was just sort of an unspoken tension that was there that Draymond couldn't deal with and he just snapped and it opened up a pretty big wound."

Kerr knows that it wasn't Green's intention to cause such a lasting rift within the team, but rather, he simply went overboard being himself.

"This is my sixth year coaching the Warriors, now, so Draymond and I know each other really well," Kerr said. "He needs some conflict to motivate himself, and I embrace that. And he and I have gotten into it every single year, multiple times, and it's okay because he needs the conflict to get motivated, to get energized. 

"In this particular case with Kevin, it was too much, and it's something that happened on national TV. And now, you've invited the whole world to scrutinize your team, and so now there's so many distractions that it becomes really difficult to deal with."

Apparently, however, the Durant-Green confrontation wasn't the only one of its kind.

"If this had happened at a practice, you can cover it up," Kerr stated. "Actually, we had several things over the past few years that have happened that never made it out, and we're really proud of that."


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One might recall that shortly after the Warriors won the 2018 NBA Championship, former Warrior David West informed the public that Golden State's journey to the title wasn't a rosy as it might have appeared from the outside.

Kerr refrained from expounding on those unknown details, but it's quite clear that the groundwork that led to Durant's exit was laid long before the decisive blow.

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Who Warriors fans think Steph Curry should team up with in 'The Match'

Who Warriors fans think Steph Curry should team up with in 'The Match'

Sunday’s “The Match” featuring Bay Area native Tom Brady, former NFL MVP Peyton Manning and PGA stars Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson seemed to be a smashing success for the sport of golf. Not only was $20 million raised for coronavirus relief in the United States, but sports fans were glued to their televisions to watch golf, something the sport forever has struggled with.

Warriors star Steph Curry tweeted during the event that he wanted to participate in the next iteration of the “The Match.” So we asked, who would Warriors fans like to see Steph team up with the next time this event is organized and got some interesting responses.

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John Daly no doubt would be an interesting partner for Curry, but the two aren’t likely to be a match made in heaven. Daly’s partying and off-the-course exploits were infamous during his days on the tour, something Curry never has gotten wrapped up in.

Another commenter mentioned Jordan Spieth, who is a fellow Under Armour athlete with Curry. These two likely have played together numerous times over the years, and Spieth has been known to provide a good sound byte.

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Another name to consider would be Justin Thomas, the No. 4 player in the world. Thomas joined the TNT telecast for Sunday’s event and was a great on-course reporter, including this somewhat-NSFW dig at Charles Barkley.

Thomas and Curry together would provide some incredible laughs.

Whoever it is, having Steph mic’d up for an entire 18 holes should make for some magnificent content.

Ex-Warrior Andrew Bogut not retiring yet but won't re-sign with Sydney

Ex-Warrior Andrew Bogut not retiring yet but won't re-sign with Sydney

Back in mid-April, former Warriors center Andrew Bogut said he would make a decision on his basketball future in May.

With a handful of days left in May, Bogut has made a decision.

Sort of.

The 35-year-old Australian tweeted a statement Sunday and said he won't re-sign with the Sydney Kings of the National Basketball League right now, or any other professional basketball team for that matter.

Bogut made it clear that it wasn't a "retirement note." He said due to the uncertainty surrounding sports because of the global coronavirus pandemic, it was too difficult to make a decision right now.

He also did mention that he hopes to be back on a basketball in the "near future."

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Bogut last appeared on an NBA court in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals when the Warriors lost to the Toronto Raptors at Oracle Arena.

Since then, he had been play with Sydney before the pandemic forced all sports leagues to pause their seasons. Bogut was averaging 8.2 points and 8.8 rebounds in 21.5 minutes over 25 games for Sydney.

For now, Bogut will let his body rest and spend time with his family.

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If the former No. 1 overall pick decides later not to play another professional basketball game, he leaves the sport with a decorated NBA career: Champion, an All-NBA Third Team selection, and an All-Defensive Second Team selection.