Kerr says Lakers have lot of 'doubt' after Dubs' hot start

Steve Kerr pointing

The Warriors punched the Los Angeles Lakers in the mouth early in their play-in game Wednesday at Staples Center.

Steve Kerr's group wasn't overwhelmed by the big stage and outscored the Lakers 28-22 in the first quarter.

At one point, the Warriors had a 15-4 lead and led most of the first period. During a timeout, Kerr could sense his team was feeling good and the Lakers weren't.

"They got a lot of doubt down there," Kerr told the players in the huddle. "We've got a lot of belief. Good job guys. Good quarter, good quarter. Holding our own on the boards, defending without fouling."

The Warriors outrebounded the Lakers 14-13 and committed just four personal fouls in the first 12 minutes.

The intensity didn't drop for the Warriors in the second quarter, as they extended the lead and took a 55-42 lead into the halftime break thanks to a 3-pointer at the buzzer by Steph Curry.

The Lakers won't go down quietly, so Kerr will have to give another good speech in the locker room to make sure the Warriors keep up their solid play in the second half.