Prior to the Warriors' season finale on Wednesday night, Steve Kerr was asked about Steph Curry.

What was the difference between the two-time MVP in the first half of the season vs the second half?

"First couple of months he was definitely trying to adapt to KD and probably deferring to him a little bit and then I think we all kind of realized that after a couple months, KD didn't need any deferring or anything else; Steph could just be himself and then KD could just play off of him," Kerr told the media.

"Steph needs to be more ball dominant -- first couple of months we didn't put him in enough pick and roll and he was probably trying to figure everything out. And then I think it all kind of sorted itself out around the new year, and that's when he got really aggressive and it all started to click at that point."

Through his first 31 games, Curry averaged 24.4 points and 5.9 assists, while shooting 46.7 percent from the field and 40 percent from deep.

Then on Christmas Day against the Cavs, he scored just 15 points on 4-for-11 shooting.

A few days after the loss in Cleveland, Curry was asked if the ball has been in his hands enough this season.

"Definitely want to be in more pick-and-roll situations," Curry answered. "So that whether I'm getting shots or we're manufacturing ball movement -- that's a strength of ours, regardless of how teams play us. There's a balance to getting KD in the right positions to make plays, Klay getting his opportunities, Draymond being able to playmake like he does."


The same day, Kerr acknowledged the same thing.

"I think we can help him -- I can certainly put him in a better position to get going, which I will," Kerr declared. "We're still learning, we're still growing. I'm not the slightest bit concerned ... it's just part of our progression as a team."