Steve Kerr: SuperSonics leaving Seattle 'was a real black mark on the NBA'

/ by Drew Shiller
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The first season of Seattle SuperSonics basketball was 1967-68. After the 2007-08 season -- Kevin Durant's rookie year -- the franchise moved to Oklahoma City.

On Oct. 5, Durant and the Warriors will head to Seattle to face the Kings in a preseason game at Key Arena.

"The Sonics to me were a lot like the Warriors here in the Bay -- really cool brand, good history and tradition, great colors and an unbelievable fan fase," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after practice Tuesday. "I played there in the Finals in '96 with the Bulls. It's a basketball town.

"It's a real shame -- just the fact that the Sonics don't exist ... I think it was a real black mark on the NBA. And I'm hoping that the Sonics will be back at some point in the near future."

In case you were curious, Kerr averaged 5 points in about 19 minutes per game during those '96 Finals.

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