Steve Kerr talks at length about Kevin Durant's awkward media session


Steve Kerr talks at length about Kevin Durant's awkward media session

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After the Warriors beat the Spurs on Wednesday night, Steve Kerr spoke to reporters like he always does. The Warriors coach then left Oracle Arena and didn't see Kevin Durant's "media session heard 'round the world" until he got home.

Upon landing in Phoenix on Thursday afternoon, Kerr joined Damon Bruce on 95.7 The Game. And naturally, the main topic was KD.

"Kevin's been great over the past few years with the media," Kerr started. "He's been very forthright and engaging. Last night, the last week or so -- not so much. But let's give him a pass.

"He's a grown man, and he's gotta do his job and I've gotta do mine. We talk all the time -- just like I do with all the players. And they talk amongst themselves, so we're all part of this. When you're on the same team you deal with each other's issues and you try to help each other through everything."

During Durant's media hiatus, Kerr didn't give the two-time NBA Finals MVP any advice.

"He's been in this league a long time, and to be perfectly honest, I didn't see that coming," Kerr answered. "Even though he wasn't speaking with the media for the last week, I just thought he just needed a break. He was probably tired of all the speculation, and I just thought he'll eventually get back speaking with the media. I didn't see any of that coming what happened last night."

Kerr has been in the NBA for a very long time. And he's served in many different capacities -- player, broadcaster, GM, coach. He understands that interest goes way beyond what happens between the lines.

"Instead of the focus being on the Warriors playing for a third straight title, all the focus seems to be on where everybody's gonna be playing next year," Kerr said. "And look, that's part of the deal -- especially if you sign a one-year deal and you're a superstar and you're gonna be a free agent -- those questions are gonna come.

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"All that revenue that generates the salary cap, it doesn't all come from ticket sales. It comes from media rights and all kinds of financial streams that are based on people's intense interest in the league. And so you just kind of have to deal with that and go along with that.

"There are times where you get upset and you just move on -- you keep going."

Sage advise, Mr. Kerr.

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Russell Westbrook suspended one game after technical foul vs. Warriors

Russell Westbrook suspended one game after technical foul vs. Warriors

The Warriors got the better of Russell Westbrook and the Thunder on Saturday night.

In addition to securing an impressive 110-88 road win without Kevin Durant, Golden State held Westbrook to just seven points on 2-of-16 shooting, and provoked multiple emotional reactions out of Oklahoma City's star point guard.

One of those reactions resulted in Westbrook being assessed a technical foul, his 16th of the season. That earned Westbrook an automatic one-game suspension, which he will serve Monday night when the Thunder host the Heat.

That's relevant to the Warriors for a couple reasons.

For one, particularly with Golden State's victory Saturday, the chances that the Warriors could face Oklahoma City in the first round of the playoffs appear greater than they did two weeks ago. The Thunder (42-28) have one of the toughest remaining schedules in the NBA, and currently sit just two games ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers for the eighth seed in the West.

If Oklahoma City loses to Miami on Monday, that possibility becomes even more likely.

Additionally, Westbrook's automatic suspension presents a good time to review Draymond Green's status as it relates to technical fouls. With 14 games remaining on Golden State's regular-season schedule, Green currently has 14 technical fouls on the season. That means he would have to accrue at least two more technicals in the remaining 14 games in order to be suspended.

The technical foul counts reset at the start of the playoffs, so Green's slate will be swiped clean approximately a month of now. Players earn an automatic one-game suspension after their seventh postseason technical.

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With only one game currently separating the Warriors and the Denver Nuggets for the top record in the West, it would behoove Green to avoid an automatic suspension.

Golden State certainly hopes he can avoid one in the playoffs as well.

DeMarcus Cousins to have MRI; Andrew Bogut’s Warriors reunion moved up


DeMarcus Cousins to have MRI; Andrew Bogut’s Warriors reunion moved up

DeMarcus Cousins left the Warriors' 110-88 win over the Thunder on Saturday in the middle of the fourth quarter with an apparent sore right ankle. It appeared nothing was serious from what coach Steve Kerr said after the game.

The latest update, however, has Andrew Bogut’s return to the Warriors being pushed up a bit.

Apparently the assumption this was just a tweak could turn into something more serious. Keep in mind that MRIs often are done for precautionary reasons.

Bogut, who signed March 6, originally was supposed to reunite with the Warriors in Oakland later this week, but he will be in San Antonio by Monday when the team faces the Spurs.

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So, we do get to see Bogut in a Dubs uniform again earlier than anticipated, but the team hopes the Boogie injury isn't anything too serious. They just got him back.