The 2020 NBA Draft is scheduled to take place June 25. But with the season suspended indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic, it almost assuredly will be pushed back to later in the summer.

The Warriors -- who practically are guaranteed a top-five pick at this point -- are deep in preparation, as it's an extremely important draft for the franchise's present and future.

But that doesn't mean the organization won't be paying attention to this week's NFL draft.

On the most recent episode of the "Flying Coach" podcast, Warriors coach Steve Kerr asked Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll how the Seahawks are planning for the unprecedented circumstances of drafting while practicing social distancing.

After Carroll provided some details, Kerr brought up a very interesting point.

"It's an advantage that I think we have to be able to watch the NFL draft and to read about it, and hear stories from organizations like your own," the eight-time NBA champion said. "One of the things we've talked about is -- are you worried about getting hacked?

"Your computer guys probably have to make sure you're protected, right? I wouldn't put it past certain teams out there trying to hack their way into your system."


Carroll's response: "There's an old saying -- you're either competing or you're not."

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Both guys laughed and chuckled, but then the Super Bowl champion got serious.

"We're tuned in. And the league has done a really extensive job to eliminate that as much as they possibly can," Carroll said. "We will have people on call for all of that.

"The security is very extensive. This is a big deal."

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Yes it is.

And the Warriors (and their IT department) will be watching how it all unfolds.

Hopefully on an episode of the podcast next week, Carroll shares a great behind-the-scenes story or two (or three) with Kerr.

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