You don't have to be a basketball expert to know that the Portland Trail Blazers' defense on Steph Curry in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals wasn't good.

Curry tied a playoff career-high with nine 3-pointers on Tuesday night in the Warriors' 116-94 win, and many of his shots came with no defender close to him.

After the game, Portland head coach Terry Stotts was asked about his team's defense, and didn't think it was that bad until the final 12 minutes.

"Well, to be honest, other than the fourth quarter, the game defensively was managable," Stotts told reporters at Oracle Arena. "They got loose in the fourth quarter and had 39 in the fourth quarter, but going into the fourth quarter down six, we were finding ways to hang in on a night we were struggling offensivly. So certainly, they got loose. It's a combination of how well they move without the ball and pick-and-rolls. Curry and Thompson move well without the ball. I'm sure pick-and-rolls were part of it, bit it's also their movement and transition."

That's when things get a little testy between Stotts and the media. Here's the follow-up exchange between the head coach and a reporter.

Reporter: Houston had some success trapping Steph and getting out on him. Is it sustainable for you to keep dropping the big so far off?


Stotts: I can't remember. When he had 33 in the second half, were they trapping then?

Reporter: Yes.

Stotts: They were? And he scored 33 in the second half?

Reporter: Yeah.

Stotts: OK. Yeah, we'll look at that.

We're sure when Stotts goes back and watches the film of Game 1, he'll agree that his defensive gameplan left a lot to be desired.

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We'll find out in Game 2 if he's going to have his centers continue to sag off Curry or he will try something different.